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Photo Friday: Bio-sand Filter

In America if we saw a massive concrete structure with spray paint on the front in someone’s home, we’d probably turn a blind eye. But in Africa such a piece is the pride and joy of many homes—and more than that, it’s life-saving. During our most recent trip to Zambia, this woman could not wait to…

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Google Kids Build Biosand Filters

This year at Google’s “Take Your Child to Work Day,” kids had the opportunity to hear about the value of clean water and even build their very own Biosand filters! Ruth Doane, a dear Blood:Water friend, shared with Googlers’ kids what it means to have clean water, and showed them photos from the vision trip…

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Photo Friday: Community Health Promoters

Photo Friday comes from Zambia. This photo shows a group of Community Health Promoters (CHPs) in Ndola. CHPs are important because after learning what proper sanitation looks like, they then train their own communities on how to improve their health. Specifically, CHPs train their communities on water, sanitation, and sygiene, also known as WASH. Teaching…

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Photo Friday: Wally & Sam

Thank you to everyone who joined in the Drill It & Fill It event with The Wally Show! Sam works with our partner in Zambia. He was grateful to hear about the Drill It & Fill It plan, and so thrilled when he found out the drill rig funding was complete. Want to hear just…

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Would You Rather: The Zambia Edition

This week we are recapping the inspiring blogs the Wally team posted from their trip leading up to the Drill It & Fill It campaign. From Bekah: Would you rather: have purple skin or green hair? Would you rather: have a loud neighbor or a rude coworker? Would you rather: drink contaminated water or pool water?…

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Today is a Beautiful Day

You may have heard about the Drill It & Fill It campaign that happened a couple of weeks ago, hosted by The Wally Show on WAY-FM. Before the campaign kicked off, Wally and his team went to Zambia to visit some of the communities that will receive clean water because of the campaign. While they were…

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