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Celebrating 20 Years – A Letter from the Executive Director

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Written by: Jake Smith, Executive Director of Blood:Water

Over two decades ago, on a flight home from Africa, our founder, Dan Haseltine, penned a vision in his journal: ‘Blood:Water Mission. Clean blood and clean water for Africa.’ This simple yet profound idea laid the foundation for an organization facing a daunting reality – one-third of all non-profit organizations fade away within three years. It’s a sobering fact, and one that underscores the incredible journey we’ve shared together. Twenty years later, your trust and support has been the foundation of our success. As 2024 unfolds, we are excited to celebrate two decades of collaboration and impact together. 

This year, we aim to deepen our connection with you by sharing even more stories from the field that highlight the unique aspects of our model. In a sector often crowded with short-term relief efforts, we stand out with our enduring commitment to tackling the water and HIV/AIDS crisis alongside our local African partners.

Our work together is not finished. In fact, it has just begun! There are still so many stories yet to tell. Stories that highlight our: 

1. Unwavering Commitment: We’re not a fly-in-fly-out organization. Our eight-year funding commitment to our partners ensures project completion despite challenges like pandemics, political unrest, or natural disasters.

2. Measurable Impact: Strengthening organizations is not just aspirational—it’s at the core of our mission. Our proven organizational strengthening model allows partners to measure growth in areas like human resources, financial viability, and technical expertise. Your support directly contributes to these measurable and lasting impacts.

3. Genuine Local Engagement: Many organizations claim to be local, but we go to the heart of local by working directly with growth-minded, community-based organizations. In the coming year, anticipate more stories from community members about how our partners leverage local assets to create a more sustainable future.

This year, we invite you to dig even deeper with us. Dig into the stories, explore our unique approach, and inquire about our partners. Your questions fuel our mission, and your curiosity is instrumental in creating lasting change.

Thank you for two decades of unwavering support. Together, and with our incredible partners in Africa, we’re making a difference. We’re excited about the transformative impact the future holds.

Are you interested in being a part of Blood:Water’s impact? We invite you to join our community of generous monthly givers that allow us to continue to partner with incredible organizations in Africa to end the HIV/AIDS and water crises for good.

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