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An Awe-Inspired Firsthand Look: An Update from Zambia


Blood:Water’s story began with a trip to Africa. This trip ignited a passion that bore a vision to see the end of the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa. We would like all of our supporters to be able to share in that vision and experience firsthand the work that is being done with their generosity. On our Vision Trips, supporters and staff members spend their time in community with the villages and partners with whom we work in Africa. We listen, we share, and we deepen relationships with the heroes of those fighting against the HIV/AIDS and water crises.

This year, staff members Katherine and Nadia are leading a team of supporters through the community of Ndola, Zambia, to work with our African partner, Seeds of Hope International Partnerships. One of those supporters is running enthusiast, jedi fundraiser Sally Kuhn, whose Be the Movement page has already received over $7,000 in donations for our friends in Africa. Check out Sally’s account of her second day observing and working within the community of Ndola:

“It’s been a very long day (it’s 8:45 p.m. right now) that started with an early breakfast that was followed by 7:30 a.m. devotions at Seeds of Hope International Partnerships. There was Djembe drumming, clapping, dancing, and African praise music at 7:30 a.m.- what could be better? It was so beautiful, and we clapped and danced right along despite not knowing a word the people were singing!

After devotions ended, the partners handed me a shovel and taught me how to make biosand filters. We made 21 before lunch! After an equally interesting and delicious Zambian lunch, we went to visit homes in the village. It is hard to put into words experiencing the village homes firsthand, and I am still processing it at the day’s end. It was truly awesome being invited into some of the homes where the biosand filters have been installed. The women are so proud of their filters and describe how their children are now healthy after having clean water. Speaking of children, they followed us everywhere! There was a little parade of them that stayed with us all through the village.

Thank you for continued prayers!”

Please join us in prayer for Sally and the rest of the Vision Trip team’s time in Zambia!

Check out some of the photos below from this trip!

waer walk

biosand 2

tippy tap

If you are interested in traveling with Blood:Water to Africa, please visit our Vision Trips page.

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