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Google Kids Build Biosand Filters



This year at Google’s “Take Your Child to Work Day,” kids had the opportunity to hear about the value of clean water and even build their very own Biosand filters!


Ruth Doane, a dear Blood:Water friend, shared with Googlers’ kids what it means to have clean water, and showed them photos from the vision trip she took with us to Zambia!

Then, using soda bottles, sand, and gravel, Ruth helped the kids construct simple Biosand filters.


When dirty water is poured into the top of a Biosand filter, the sand removes pathogens and other contaminants, making it safe to drink. In Zambia, this shortens the walk for families by providing access to safe, clean water right in their homes. Think of it like the Brita filter sitting in your fridge, only giant… and made of concrete!

What better way to learn how helpful a Biosand filter is than to build one yourself?!

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