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Blood:Water Featured by The Bridgespan Group

Thumbnail of Collaborative funding article by the Bridgespan Group

“I believe we can still offer trust-based grantmaking while also having reporting requirements that mutually support partner impact monitoring and storytelling.” (Nadia Kist, Blood:Water)

Blood:Water and our Director of Africa Partnerships, Nadia Kist, were featured in the recent article How Philanthropic Collaboratives Measure, Evaluate, and Learn published by The Bridgespan Group. We are excited to join other philanthropic collaboratives that participated in the article to shine a light on the benefits of collaborative funding. 

“Another example of tracking shared metrics — but at an organizational level — is the strategy that Blood:Water employs…while grantees may have different programmatic goals, Blood:Water uses a common framework across grantees to evaluate progress at the end of the eight-year relationship. The framework assesses whether organizations are more financially viable and have a greater degree of autonomy, among other organizational health outcomes.”

Bridgespan Group article about philanthropic collaboratives featuring Blood:Water

Read the Executive Summary here

The full article PDF is available here

How Philanthropic Collaboratives Measure, Evaluate, and Learn was written by By Mariah Collins, Erika Caballero Montoya, Wendy Castillo, Alison Powell, Radhika Bhula, Deika Albert, and Bradley Seeman. 

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