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Introducing Liz Kelly, Our New Annual Giving Manager!

The most important thing to me is to equip and empower people. I want to help people, yes, but I don’t want them to depend on services provided. The fact that Blood:Water’s entire mission revolves around supporting and equipping local leaders to transform their communities is what connects most deeply with me. It’s not about us and what we achieve, it’s about the impact we can make when everyone gets stronger.

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Meet Our Systems Assistant, Amanda!

  Say “Hello!” to the newest member of our staff, Amanda Wojcinski! Well, she’s not exactly new. If you’re a little confused, it’s because you have actually met Amanda before. She became part of the Blood:Water family as an intern before accepting a full-time position as our systems assistant in May. We just can’t get…

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A Weekend of Advocacy in Action

  This weekend, Blood:Water was the center of three separate events, which allowed our staff and interns to have meaningful conversations about our partners in Africa and their work to end the water and HIV/AIDS crises! Here’s an update on the advocacy opportunities from Audrey, Chase, and Caroline:       DEMDACO Showroom, Americasmart Atlanta It…

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PART I: The Desire for Superpowers

  Ever since I was a small boy growing up in rural Massachusetts, I have had an ongoing list in my head of unlikely superheroes with their less-than-inspiring superpowers. It might have been provoked by endless hours of Saturday morning cartoons and the unshakeable suspicion that the Wonder Twins probably had some real sibling rivalry…

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Round Two: A Collaborative Learning Experience

  For the second year in a row, I was excited to have the opportunity to attend The Collaborative conference in Boston, Mass. The Collaborative is a three-day experience that connects organizations in the social sector to share breakthrough solutions to the world’s toughest problems.       There was one similarity, and ultimately difference, between…

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Will the Real Dan Haseltine Please Stand Up?

You’ve now met our entire staff (Aaron, Jake, Barak, Nadia, Katy, Erin, Blake, Audrey, Lindsey, and our recent most addition, Stan!)… except for one very important member. You know him as the talented lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning band, Jars of Clay. We know him as a co-founder of Blood:Water and an artist relations guru on the engagement team. But…

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