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Will the Real Dan Haseltine Please Stand Up?



You’ve now met our entire staff (AaronJake, BarakNadiaKaty, ErinBlakeAudreyLindsey, and our recent most addition, Stan!)… except for one very important member. You know him as the talented lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning band, Jars of Clay. We know him as a co-founder of Blood:Water and an artist relations guru on the engagement team. But who knew that he has been kissed by Cyndi Lauper? Let’s get to know Dan Haseltine’s true colors.

Despite Cyndi’s best attempt (chill, it was for fun), Dan married his one true love, Katie, after meeting her during his early days with Jars. Two sons and Goldendoodles later, they have built a wonderful life together. You can wish them a happy anniversary; they just celebrated 19 years of marriage last week.


Their life together is not the only thing that’s been built, though. Dan now spends his free time building things like stages and forts with his sons, Max and Noah. They are even planning to build a new Lemon:Aid stand for our office after the last one met an unfortunate end during its battle versus a rainy day at the Pilgrimage Festival last September.

This is where Dan would want me to talk about the Pilgrimage Pairings tickets that are on sale now, featuring a private dinner and show with John Paul White and The Secret Sisters that benefits Blood:Water, but I’m not going to do that. Instead, I feel like I should share something about Dan that is really out of this world.


He has performed in space! Okay, he was in a mission control center at a space station playing music for astronauts that were in space, but it definitely still counts. Who can say they have performed live for astronauts in space? Not many. Plus, he got to keep a really sweet souvenir­–a piece of a space shuttle.

It’s easy to immediately think of Dan’s musical success with Jars, but we want you to know that his creativity is truly limitless. We are constantly in awe of his ideas, and we never know what he will come up with next! That’s why it is a joy to have him on staff, leading the way for both new and veteran artists to find their voices and ways to use them to support Blood:Water.

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