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Music Monday: Logan Brill and Ivan & Alyosha



Today’s Music Monday has double the music!!! I love the beginning of summer because a LOT of new music is coming out, and it just so happens that two of our beloved artist friends have brand new projects!



The first is from the lovely and talented Logan Brill. On her sophomore release, “Shuteye,” Brill, after time on the road with Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakum, and Merle Haggard, reaches deep in her pocket of blues, Americana, and rock ‘n’ roll to build a lively and diverse country album with enough windows to see that there is a LOT happening in the mind and heart of this talented woman.

Not only does she make great music, she also looks thoughtfully at the world and seeks ways to help make the lives of others better than when she found them.

What is one of the greatest songs ever written? Why?

I think one of the best songs ever written is “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones. It’s one of those songs you can strip that song down to its bare bones, and play it with one guitar, and it’s beautiful.

What is your favorite part about being an artist?

There are so many things I love about being an artist. Getting to travel and seeing new places is always a thrill. And there’s nothing like the feeling when you connect with the audience. Performing is a high you can’t get anywhere else.

Why does Blood:Water matter to you?

I first learned about Blood:Water through my mom who went on a trip to Africa with the organization a few years ago. Hearing her stories from the trip really moved me. I love that the mission includes getting the local community members involved to create positive, sustainable changes!

Tell us about your new project and where we can get it!

My new album is called “Shuteye.” It definitely feels like an evolution for me as an artist. It moves a lot more than my first record, which has been a blast to share at live shows so far. It’s available on iTunes right now and we’re even giving away three full songs right away with the pre-order!

Pre-order “Shuteye” on iTunes.



The second of our offerings is from an incredibly talented Seattle band, Ivan & Alyosha. I was introduced to their music via our local independent radio station, Lightning100 a few years ago. I was instantly hooked. The songs on their debut LP, “All the Times We Had,” are full of raw honesty and Northwest energy. This second full-length offering continues in that tradition. If you are ready to have a few new melodies blissfully stuck in your head, check out their new album, “It’s All Just Pretend.” What isn’t pretend is their passion for making a difference in the world. They are performing in Nashville at the Hi-Watt on June 2! Can’t wait to see the show!

What is one of the greatest songs ever written/recorded?

Rufus Wainwright’s “I Don’t Know What It Is.” It’s an amazing pop song, but Rufus always manages to write these really complex melodies and orchestral arrangements that take his songs to a totally different place. You really have to interact with the song several times to understand all that is going on, even lyrically there is so much depth.

What do you see that gives you hope in the world?

My kids, my wife, people being kind to strangers, time, grace, forgiveness, coffee, red wine, baseball, traditional communication.

Why does Blood:Water matter?

The work Blood:Water is doing is so important. It’s been really inspiring to get to know the organization. We have too much in this country and take it all for granted; it breaks my heart to know that many around the world don’t have access to something as essential as medicine or clean water. Blood:Water is doing their part to change this, their service is exciting and inspiring to see.

Where can people purchase your new project?

“It’s All Just Pretend” is available now on Dualtone, iTunes, and Amazon.

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