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Game On!


The Battle of the Boulevard has been a standing rivalry between the Belmont Bruins and the Lipscomb Bison since 1953. This long standing rivalry was named for the mutual street the two universities share here Nashville, Tenn.,—Belmont Boulevard. It is a non-conference game for both schools, yet still remains a very heated rivalry. Lipscomb and Belmont are two of the most storied teams in college basketball history. Both were NAIA powerhouses. And both leaped to NCAA Division One in the late 1990s. Over the next 10 days these two schools will face each other twice.


We approached both of the schools back in the summer to ask them a simple question. “Could you use this rivalry for a greater purpose?” After a series of discussions that Blood:Water facilitated between the two schools, we came up with the idea for Battle for the Pump. Still retaining the competition on the court, but, this time, off the court the two schools will collaborate to try and raise $10,000 toward a clean water well in Africa.

It has been amazing to watch the two schools engage their student bodies in this effort to come together for a common goal. Student leaders, athletes, fraternities and faculty have come together to try and meet this goal.

There are a few ways that students are getting involved. Some are doing a Dirty Water Dare, and some are giving up a drink for the whole week and then giving what they would spend on that beverage to Blood:Water. But, most are texting to give. This is where the competition kicks back in. Each school has a key word which is the University’s name. So Lipscomb is texting “Lipscomb” to 41444 and Belmont is texting “Belmont” to 41444.

Tonight is the first matchup between the two schools starting at 6:30 p.m. at Lipscomb If you want to get involved, choose a school, text the name to 41444 and help us build a well in Africa!

If you can’t make it tonight, Belmont will also host a Battle for the Boulevard Monday, Nov. 24.

Game on!

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