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What Will This Day Ask of Us?

As the United States wakes up from a contentious election, I’m reflecting on what I am being asked to do on this day.


Every Night Ends with Dawn (Poems for Reflection)

  These days we’re living in are pretty loud. In the midst of everything, we wanted to give you a break from the noise and the bustle for just a moment. Please enjoy these poem selections, and we…


7 Christian Charities Making a Difference in Africa

As followers of Jesus, our faith compels us to reach the poor with practical relief for their physical needs, and spiritual help for the needs of their soul.


What it means to be a Christian Charity in a Secular Culture

In the beginning… not THAT beginning. It might surprise you to learn that, at its inception, Blood:Water’s founders and board members wrestled with the question of whether or not to be affiliated as a Christian organization. Even as the name, “Blood:Water,” finds its roots in the story of a man whose blood and water mingled when his side was pierced, in a grand display of human sacrifice for the flourishing of others, it was a difficult cycle of conversations.


How to Motivate Kids to Raise Money for Charity Now!

If you’re looking for a way to raise money for charity and contribute to the fight against the water crisis AND give your children the ability to work in service of others, we have a few ways that may be helpful for you!


What’s the Cost to Build a Well in Africa?

The work we do is not easy, it is not always straightforward or simple. But because we know that we can play a part in ensuring that kids finish school, women and girls can spend more time providing for their families than collecting water, and that vulnerable children will not succumb to preventable disease, we will continue to fight.


What Causes Poverty in Africa?

Who knows better than they do what will make a difference in their village? Change and progress require local buy-in and a sense of ownership throughout the community in order to be sustainable.


Fundraiser Feature: The Holland, MI Group

Our friends up north in Holland, Michigan have been doing incredible work fundraising to support the life-changing work of our partners in Africa. We wish we could highlight every single one of them, but for now, here are a few examples of how they’ve gotten their whole community involved!


Overcoming the Fear of Not Enough

The Kingdom of God is open handed. It is not a land of hoarders and collectors. It is not a place where anyone wonders if they will have something to eat while others die under the weight of their bloated indulgences. It is a grandiose vision of God’s kingdom, and perhaps in the “already-and-not-yet” spectrum of this vision, we feel like we are more on the side of “not-yet.” Still, the abundance of God’s kingdom is here already. We have it all around us. We are sinking in it.


To All of God’s Children, We Are With You

Blood:Water exists because we believe that all human beings were created in God’s image and deserve basic rights: freedom, health, common decency, and tolerance just to name a few. Partnering with sub-Saharan African grassroots organizations, we can sometimes feel distant from the racial issues prevalent here in the US, but we have seen how stigma and prejudice of disease, poverty, and identity can impact people’s lives at the most atomic and subatomic levels. We are just as responsible as any other organization or person for making the world a better place for everyone starting at an individual level. Therefore, we condemn the acts of injustice perpetrated every day against Black Americans, whether intentional or not, systemic or overt, historic or current, in the US or abroad.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

-John 13:34


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