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You’re Changing Lives Like George’s





George* lives in Uganda with his wife Kate* and their children. He once worked as a farmer and a fisherman. But because of a waterborne illness, George lost his sight and can no longer work because of his blindness. He’s also living with HIV.

George’s inability to work has proved difficult for him and his family. He’s no longer the breadwinner for his household, so now it’s up to Kate to carry the burden of earning an income for the entire family.

Kate and George used to worry about contaminated water further harming their family’s health and economic resources. But thanks to the support of friends like you, Blood:Water is partnering with a local Ugandan organization, Literacy Action and Development Agency (LADA), that recently installed a new water source in George and Kate’s village.

Clean water now flows freely from a nearby protected spring, which was previously a contaminated source shared between the community members and livestock.

George now feels a huge sense of relief knowing Kate’s work is easier and his family’s health is no longer in jeopardy, thanks to the protected spring. Clean water is also essential to George’s survival due to his compromised immune system. This is the life-changing difference you help make every day through your support.

Thank you for your generosity that helps George, Kate, and so many others have clean water. Out of your generosity flows refreshing joy and relief for people in Africa!

*Names changed for privacy throughout


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