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YOUganda Update



In May, we partnered with Wally from The Wally Show to provide families around Uganda with clean water, sanitation, and hygiene FOR LIFE! You showed up in a big way. For those who donated $1,000 or more, we made two dog tags with their names and the GPS coordinates of where our partner, Mityana Uganda Charity (MUC), works in Kibaale Village, Bulera Sub-County. One tag was sent to those donors, and the other made its way to Africa with us!

Recently, our team visited Uganda to see firsthand the finished well that was implemented by MUC through your generosity. The village members helped place the tags in the perfect place, and they now have a permanent reminder that someone in the U.S. has prayed for them and helped provide access to clean water in their community. Thank you for your participation in the YOUganda campaign and for giving a life-changing gift!


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