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You Helped Fanose Take Charge Of Her Life



Your gifts empower people who are living with HIV to manage their health, care for their families, and prosper in life – just like Fanose is doing today.

Fanose joined an HIV care and support program at ACT, our partner in Ethiopia, in 2013. Her husband had recently passed away from an AIDS-related illness; and she was seeking testing, counseling, and ways to financially support her son’s schooling and their livelihood.

Fanose Reba.jpg

Since Fanose was accepted into ACT’s programming, her happiness and success has increased ten-fold! She has shown amazing growth economically after receiving an income grant through ACT’s Basic Income Grant (BIG) program. She engaged in starting a small-scale business and invested the grant money she received into building a market shelter and purchasing vegetables and kitchen materials to sell. She is currently expanding her business after assessing her customers’ needs!

That small kickstart has made a big difference, as Fanose’s hard work at that stall is bringing about some amazing economic growth. She’s now able to save money every day to cover her business expenses and to support herself and her son, Endashaw. She can even send him to a local primary school where he will receive a better education for a brighter future.

Fanose is now able to pay her rent, put food on the table, and follow along with the healthcare she receives. She’s currently healthy and thriving because friends like you have empowered her to manage her HIV diagnosis by accepting help from our local partner and taking her antiretroviral therapy medications on time.

Through your generosity, you’ve helped bring health, prosperity, education, and joy into the lives of Fanose and Endashaw. Thank you for investing in their future!


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