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You Changed the Direction of Her Life



A mother’s greatest joy is to nurture and care for her family. When facing seemingly impossible circumstances, a mother will persevere!



Abaynesh is the perfect example of this. Over a period of time, she pressed on through a series of difficulties.

  • She lost both her husband and 2-year-old son during an epidemic in the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  • Having been diagnosed with HIV and tuberculosis, she struggled with her health and making a livelihood selling food on the street.

  • Her house and workplace were demolished by an urban development program. Unable to afford rent, she relocated her family to a nearby river, covering what little they had with a plastic tent.

  • Her oldest son was forced to quit school due to the cost, and he started doing manual labor to help provide.



When it seemed all hope was lost, she found help that YOU made possible. By supporting local organizations in Africa through Blood:Water, you are empowering the true drivers of social change. Because of you, ACT was able to assess Abaynesh’s needs and help with medical care, food, a job, and housing.

  • Abaynesh and her children received medical and food support to meet their immediate needs.

  • Unable to do manual labor long-term due to severe health issues, Abaynesh’s son received the funds necessary to continue the training to drive a three-wheel taxi, providing an alternate income solution.

  • Their home was renovated to provide adequate shelter and safety during the rainy season.

You’ve given both help and resolve to so many! Thank you so much for your meaningful participation in our mission.


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