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Year End Giving for People Like Regina


The year is about to come to a close, which means many of you will make a year end donation to a charity of your choice, largely in part for the tax break. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, when you start to put your pen to your checkbook or credit card into the online form, I hope you will picture real people, instead of dollars signs. I hope you will picture real people like Regina.


Regina lives in Kenya and is a mother to five small children.
To make sure her kids don’t go thirsty, Regina walks over an hour nearly every day and spends half a day’s income on clean water.
But, she wants that to change. So, Regina rallied a group of women to help build raintanks for their families—tanks that hold water safe to drink. Using a brick press funded by Blood:Water, Regina makes bricks, bricks that will one day turn into raintanks. Brick by brick, Regina works to change her family’s future. But, more resources are needed to ensure the raintanks are built. So, for now, Regina walks and pays for water.

As you make your year end giving, I hope you will choose Blood:Water—rather I hope you choose Africa. Regardless of where you choose, give joyfully and with prayer, and don’t forget the real reason to give.

Visit here to help moms like Regina.

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