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World Toilet Day: Game of Thrones Update


One epic day last July, we joined in The Real Game of Thrones. For 24 hours we waged a battle for 21 royal thrones (or toilets, as they say).

Today, on World Toilet Day, we salute the valiant efforts of those who stood with us in saying #wecantwait. World Toilet Day is about taking action and raising awareness for all the people who don’t have access to a toilet–because they can’t wait.

Thanks to that heroic battle in July 2014, there are now 21 new latrines in Cyanika, Rwanda. And Claudine, for one, is especially grateful for the impact it’s had on her family.



Prior to receiving one of the new latrines, Claudine, her husband, and their two children did not use their traditional latrine for fear of falling in due to its poor condition. As a result, the family often contracted water-borne diseases.

However, access to sanitation and a latrine that can be used without worry has given Claudine hope for the future and health for her family.

Thank you for standing with us to bring proper sanitation to Rwanda. Each story like Claudine’s is cause for celebration–especially on World Toilet Day.


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