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Why Sally Keeps Racing For Clean Water



Through her Race for Clean Water last October, Sally Kuhn ran, biked, and swam 140.6 miles and raised $8,234.67 to support water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in Africa. Here, Sally shares more of her story…

“I first read about the water crisis in Africa about seven years ago. It’s truly a crisis when people have to choose between giving their children dirty water they know will make them sick, or letting them die of thirst. God put this on my heart, and it has never left.

“Having the opportunity to witness Blood:Water’s work in Zambia during a Vision Trip was life changing. Walking to collect water with the children, watching our partners teach the WASH program, learning how to construct a biosand filter – all of it was amazing.

“I’ll never forget a mom telling me, ‘Now that we have clean water, my children and I are not sick anymore.’ Those words keep me racing for this cause and keep me in prayer and support of Blood:Water. I know the work we’re doing together is saving lives.


Zambia Vision Trip 2015-158.jpg


“I decided to use my triathlon races to raise awareness and funds for those living without access to clean, safe water. Since 2013 I have raced hundreds of miles and raised $31,063 for this cause. I race for a purpose and truly believe God is using me… and the race for clean water continues.”

If you’d like to use your unique skills to help transform lives in Africa, please join Blood:Water’s Be the Movement campaign. Visit


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