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What Your Christmas Gifts Are Doing



The red Starbucks cups are officially out, so it must mean it’s time for Christmas, right? Well, we are so excited to share with you an update from your generous giving last year.

You may remember we worked to stock the shelves of a clinic in Isiolo, Kenya, during our Christmas Shop. Give. Hope. campaign. Donors could purchase medical equipment, supplies and fund staff salaries in honor of a loved one for the holidays.

We are so pleased to share that 1,651 people were tested for HIV. Thanks to the new testing services, 97 people who did discover they are HIV-positive were enrolled into HIV care at the clinic, care they would not have otherwise received. More specifically, 13 children, nine pregnant women and 77 other adults all enrolled for care. Margaret is one of those people.


Margaret came to the Isiolo clinic very ill at the end of the 2014 summer. During her visit she was tested for HIV and found out she was positive. She immediately was counseled about the recommended ARV (Antiretroviral) medicine to improve her health. Because of the community outreach programs and the support groups, Margaret learned other people who were positive and still had healthy lives. So, she knew her status wasn’t a death sentence as many often believe. Within one month she felt healthy and regained a joyful outlook on her future.

Because of the HIV testing kits and medicine you have provided the clinic, many more people like Margaret can find hope and a future.

Stay tuned to find out how you can help people in Africa this Christmas.

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