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What You Mom Doesn’t Want for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away. Don’t panic. Blood:Water is here to help.
Before you rush to the store to buy your mom a gift you may think she wants—such as a plant, or an appliance for the kitchen, or the latest and greatest diet book—consider instead a gift that will last a lifetime and honor another mom who needs help in Africa.

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What your mom doesn’t want:
$10 Chia Pet
$35 Diet Book
$60 Tickets to Monster Jam
$100 Trash Can
$360 Gym Membership


What you could give in your mom’s honor:

$10: Provide one day of medication to a mom in a maternity ward in Kenya

$35: Provide a delivery kit for sterile and safe labor and delivery

$60: Provide full ultrasound services for an entire pregnancy

$100: Provide full care through pre-natal and post-natal visits as well safe delivery for an expectant mother in Kenya

$360: One year of medical treatment and care for a HIV-positive person

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