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What We’ve Learned So Far in Uganda



Can you believe it? Our UNC interns have been in the field for about a month now. Check out this post on what they’ve seen so far in Uganda.

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Greetings from Uganda!  We’ve been here for about a monthand wanted to share a little bit about the work that we’ve seen so far.

We have been continually impressed with each and every one of Blood:Water’s partners as we’ve witnessed their work in the field. They are knowledgeable about their causes and are deeply committed to the communities in which they serve.

Just as one example, Food for the Hungry (FH Uganda) continued their work in Northern Uganda even after most other NGOs had given up. They carried on to heal a scarred land through providing supplies to communities in the midst of the HIV/AIDS crisis.

They built New Life Medical Center, which is the absolute best place to get treatment for HIV/AIDS in the Kitgum area. The counseling and support groups provided at the center are revolutionary. Not only do staff members work with patients to rid them of guilt and shame, but they also organize family support groups designed to fight the stigma of HIV.

This is unheard of in most Ugandan communities.

In the 3 short years that FH Uganda has been open, they have:

  •      Rehabilitated more than 4,000 child mothers
  •      Seen 16,000 patients
  •      Tested 5,000 people for HIV/AIDS
  •      Enrolled 675 HIV-positive patients into treatment and care services
  •      Educated and counseled 4,500 women and girls for preventing abuse

We are thankful to have witnessed just a fraction of the work that Blood:Water’s partners have accomplished, and we look forward to seeing the impact they will continue to have in the future. We are seeing change take place before our eyes, and for that we are truly grateful.

Love from the field,

Tori and Brianne

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