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What a Superhero (Mom) Has to Give


Wondering what you have to give up for Save a Drink, Save a Life? Amy Bloxham Chionis discovered that by turning into her life and community, she can make an impact for three villages in southern Rwanda.
Amy raises children, chickens, and vegetables in northern California. She’s part of Shelter Covenant Church and moonlights as the Suburban Superhero BREAKFAST MOM. With Shelter and a generous anonymous donor match, she has committed to raising $10,000 this Lenten season to bring clean water to communities in need. Here’s a word from Amy:

I don’t drink coffee. I don’t drink soda. I lug a giant steel water bottle around all day so I’m never at the mercy of thirst. Oh, Blood:Water, I so believe in what you’re doing, and I so want to contribute, and, whoops, I have nothing to give up.

Or do I?

An anonymous donor has offered to match our tiny church’s Lenten fundraising efforts UP TO $5,000. That’s a lot of matchy-match. I need a beverage to give up.

I make announcements at my Crossfit class, which often ends in a trip across the street to Peet’s for many members: Join me, I encourage them, if only for today. The gym owner invites me to leave a collection jar. But still, what have I to give up? How can I offset, by some quantifiable way, my desire to serve this cause?

Cue Mom’s Night Out. I’m in a swanky downtown restaurant with two good eggs who are in the trenches of motherhood with me. It’s Friday. I think you see where this is going. A glass of Italian Barbera is $11. I pay for that wine; I drink that wine; and I thoroughly enjoy these kind women and their friendship. And I acknowledge the voice in the back of my head that is jumping up and down on my wine receipt, pointing a finger at my affluence.

I can’t be the person I’m not. I’m the mom who lives with great privilege, the mom of minivans, wine dates with friends, and near effortless access to health and safety for my family. But I can turn deeply into the life I have, and find ways to mine it for the gift of Living Water I so desire to share with others.


The next morning my 9-year-old son and I print images from the Blood:Water press kit and tape them to a huge glass jar. He drops in his contribution, and I drop in mine. I drive the jar to yoga (I know, I know!) and the jar finds a home on the shelf unit where we all stuff our purses and shoes and sweatshirts. It will live there for the next 37 days and collect pocket change and anything else anyone will drop in. I make announcements at classes. I post reminders on Facebook. I talk to anyone who will listen.

I leverage my lifestyle. I press into who I am, and I am part of my community. I trust my community will do the work.

You can support Amy’s church as they fundraise for Save a Drink. Just click here.

Want to get your own community involved? There’s still time to join Save a Drink, Save a Life. Help us reach 1,000 participants and unlock a $25,000 grant!

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