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What a Relief! World Toilet Day is Tomorrow!


Often, because of the urgent need for clean water, the development of best practices in sanitation and hygiene are overlooked. That’s why we are grateful for Blood:Water supporters, such as Allison Boley, who shine a spotlight on the importance of developing proper sanitation and hygiene practices. For the past three years, Allison has hosted her concert, Drums for Toilets, on World Toilet Day, and focuses her fundraising specifically on building latrines–a vital component to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programming. This World Toilet Day, she is once again drumming for latrines on Facebook Live at 7:00 p.m. CT, and she is upping the ante! Last year, she raised enough for one latrine, but this year she is hoping to raise enough for our local partner, FH-Kenya, to implement three latrines.

Since we starting partnering with FH-Kenya in 2008, we have worked together to provide integrated programming for WASH and HIV care. The project objectives have been focused on enhancing sustainable access to WASH and community health systems for quality comprehensive HIV services. Because of the strength of the partnership and the generosity of our donors, FH-Kenya is able to work in remote locations in northern Kenya, bringing change to an otherwise untouched population.

We hope that you will tune in tomorrow on World Toilet Day for Allison’s Drums for Toilets concert and consider donating to her fundraising page. You, fundraisers like Allison, and our local partners are catalysts for long-term change in Africa!

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