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We’ve Exceeded Our Back to School Goal!




Because of you, we have exceeded our $40,000 Back to School goal! Your generosity has equipped our African partners with the support they need to provide schools with clean water, safe sanitation facilities, and hygiene training.

Because of you, thousands of schoolchildren can stay healthy and in their classrooms, achieving their dreams! 

“A lot of the time, our school has been missing water,” says Charlene, age 9 from Gasalca, Rwanda. “But since we have a new water tank, it is easier to have water for cleaning, including handwashing.” Education is one of the most important avenues to putting an end to generational poverty. In many communities in Africa, children leave their classes to collect water for their families or skip school entirely because of an illness from unsanitary water. That is a reality no child should have to face.


Girls in many communities across sub-Saharan Africa frequently lack the clean water and sanitation facilities they need to remain in school during their menstrual cycle. Many girls like AnneMarie used to have to skip school during their menstruation because it was too dangerous… that is, until a safe room was installed at her school! She calls it a “beautiful room,” where she and her fellow female students have their own space to access sanitary pads, a sink, a flushable toilet, and even a shower and bed for girls who need it. In 2018, our African partners reached 1,562 females with support for menstrual hygiene so that they can attend to their periods safely and with dignity. Now, because of your support, our partners can continue on to do so much more!


Nearly half of all schools located in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to clean drinking water. This hinders millions of children from pursuing their basic human right to an education and keeps them being able to decide their futures.

Emmanuel is a 17-year-old from Ntaruka, Rwanda who wants to be a teacher.

He remembers what life was like before Blood:Water’s local partner MOUCECORE built handwashing stations at his school; he says, “This work is so good.” In 2018, our partners reached 19,381 people with clean water, and now they will reach so many more children trying to build their futures this year, all because of you.

If you’d like to help students like Charlene create life-changing WASH clubs, click here.


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