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Blood:Water welcomes you… no challenges you… to The Real Game of Thrones

Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl when it goes to the bathroom?

Because the P is silent.

Friends, it’s time. Time to whip out your best bathroom humor for a cause. Yes, it’s true. Despite your grandmother’s insistence that it’s simply not appropriate, today is the day to put all those years of hushed jokes to good use.

Let’s emphasize that. ONE. DAY.

In The Real Game of Thrones, our goal is to build 21 latrines in 24 hours in Rwanda. Our friends in Cyanika deserve access to a latrine, sanitation, and dignity; three things we often take for granted.

Here’s how you can help:

Donate: If just 168 people donate $100, the goal will be reached. Even if you can’t spare $100, remember that every single donation makes a difference.

Share on Facebook: Sharing is caring, my friends! Head to our Facebook page and share all of our Real Game of Thrones posts. The more you share, the more people will have the opportunity to rally around the cause.

Tweet: Make your 140 characters count and tweet @bloodwater about The Real Game of Thrones. Post a picture of your own throne, or throw out your best bathroom pun. But, please, no selfies. Just be sure to include the link to donate! Here’s an example:

Let’s help build 21 latrines in Rwanda today with @bloodwater! It’s the real Game of Thrones!

Nature and duty are calling. One day. 21 latrines.

The Real Game of Thrones.

Let’s do this.

Heather Warfield - Marketing Intern

Heather Warfield – Marketing Intern

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