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Water Your Kids Coloring?



Do your kids like to help other kids?

Well, they should meet Walter. Walter the Water Drop. Here’s a little coloring sheet to introduce your kids to Walter:

Walter Coloring Page

Walter heads up The Walter Project for us. This activity-based lesson plan is perfect for Vacation Bible School or a five-week curriculum for your Sunday school program to complete over the summer.

Based on Matthew 25:35-40, The Walter Project encourages kids to care for “the least of these” by filling jerry cans with change to help provide clean water to kids in Africa.

Daily videos introduce your kids to kids just like them who live in Africa but don’t have clean water to drink. Activities and lesson plans help kids understand what it might be like to live in an area that doesn’t have access to clean water.

Want to start The Walter Project at your church? Click here to get started.

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