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Wally’s American Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of African Church



On Tuesday, Wally will kick off a new Blood:Water campaign on The Wally Show on WAY-FM! He just returned to from Rwanda, where he went to check out the project that will be launching. While he was there, he attended a traditional church service in the village they visited. He came back with some helpful tips in case you ever find yourself in a similar service.

Here are a few highlights from Wally’s list of do’s and don’ts for church in Africa:


Don’t bring a watch. No one else has one or cares about beating the crowd to Chili’s. So, settle in. You are going to be there a while.

Do bring your love of music. There is a lot of singing and, even though you do not know the words, it is still very cool.

Don’t be worried about your lack of rhythm. Gloria Estefan lied to us all. The rhythm might not get you, but it is OK. People in Africa don’t care.

Do lose your inhibitions. Even if you never dance at church, let your uptight self go and enjoy the moment.


Do bring your heart for prayer. It was cool to see mothers honored and prayed over as they have a very tough life here in Rwanda.

Don’t think because people here lack water and electricity that we know more about God than they do. These people, while they appear to have nothing, have something so much greater. They have faith that is strong and very real in their lives.

Check out Wally’s complete list, as well as the powerful sermon shared, here.

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