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Walk This Way with Wally



Today on The Wally Show on WAY-FM, Wally is kicking off a new project called School Bells & Water Wells! (Find your local station or listen online at

Between now and Friday, we are going to make sure that 20 schools in Africa gain access to safe, clean drinking water! This will help ensure kids can stay in the classroom, focused on their studies, instead of leaving to walk for water or having to stay home due to a water-related illness.

To prepare for the kickoff of this project, Wally traveled to Rwanda to visit with some of the very kids you can help through this project. To give you a little glimpse into what it’s like for a child living in Rwanda, he set one of the days of his visit to song titles:


Walk Like a Rwandan
That would definitely be the theme song for today as we got a little taste of what it is like to walk down the incredibly steep hills, that even mountain goats think people are crazy to use, to get water.

Let It Go
Another applicable song for today would be “Let It Go” from Frozen, and not because it’s cold (I wish), but because I “Let Bekah Go.” I was supposed to be holding her by her backpack to slow her descent down the hillside, but when inertia got her and she started sprinting downhill looking like a giraffe on roller skates, I had to “Let It Go”…

Walk This Wayand then keep walking
We walked for what felt like hours to get to a water source where every day kids will fill up their jerry cans and then make the arduous trek back up the steep sides of the mountain. There is nothing easy about this task and I felt like had been in a Rwandan triathlon by the time I made it back to the top.

Check out Wally’s complete blog (plus more photos) here.


As you can probably tell, kids in Rwanda have to walk a lot to reach clean water. But when you join Wally for School Bells & Water Wells, you can ensure the students at 20 schools across Africa no longer have to miss school because they don’t have clean water.

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