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Vine-ing for Africa



Our Be the Movement campaign has brought out some crazy, inspiring, and creative volunteers!  Find out how Elsie, one of our Be the Movement team members, used what she loves to change the world.

A couple weeks ago, we shared stories from our enthusiastic Be the Movement donors (you can read it here) and how they are using their passions to make a difference in Africa. We love seeing how each person can creatively use their passion to impact the lives of others. We especially love when they use them as uniquely as our friend Elsie, who used her love of Vine to raise awareness of the need for clean water in Africa!

Elsie chose to post Vines spreading the word about our African friends, and she encourages her friends to do the same. Their brainpower combined has raised MORE than her original goal of $500!

Each post calls out viewers to help. Some Vines have received great attention, such as Harmony Smith’s Ice Bucket Challenge with over 15,000 likes!

Be the Movement was intended to utilize everyone’s individuality and ultimately create great change.

One person at a time. One dollar at a time. One Vine at a time.

We wanted to give a huge shout out and thank you to Elsie for her contribution!

Click here to view Elsie’s Vine profile or here to donate to her fundraising page.


Megan Russom

– Marketing Intern

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