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Tis the Season


It’s hard to believe it’s already October. It’s even harder to believe that I am about to talk about Christmas. But, ‘tis the season to start planning, especially if you work for or are involved in a church.

This Christmas, we are asking churches to invite their congregations to join us in alternative giving.

In Africa alone, 320 million people lack access to safe, clean water. So, this Christmas, give the gift that won’t ever be returned: Hope. Provide hope by helping quench the thirst of families across Africa. Your church can help provide Biosand filters that make water found outside safe to drink, and all it takes is $85 per filter.

A Biosand filter acts much like a Brita, purifying and cleaning water, but it’s more powerful. So, families can take nearby water, found in streams or shallow wells, and run it through the filter to produce water safe to drink.

Churches can participate by ordering a free Give. Hope. kit to “sell” Biosand filters to their congregations, either on Sunday morning or during an alternative giving fair.

Each kit includes 30 ornaments that purchasers can choose from to hang on their tree. The ornament, along with an included prayer card, can be used to remember to pray for the Biosand recipient.


Also in the kit: Tree stands for display Poster for advertising DVD to showcase to your congregation during Sunday announcements

Click here to learn more and order your Give. Hope. kit.

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