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The Superhero You’ve Never Heard of – Dr. Deborah Birx



Dr. Deborah Birx is a legend in the field of global health, and has fought for over 30 years for the betterment of HIV/AIDS immunology and vaccination research. She has published hundreds of publications on HIV/AIDS, and developed and patented vaccines including one of the most influential HIV vaccine trials in history.

We were not the first to recognize how amazing she is, and we will not be the last, but we praise God for the difference she’s already made, and pray that He continues to lead her in her life-saving work.

Blood:water co-founder Jena lee nardella with dr. DEBORAH BIRX AT BLOOD:WATER’S RED TIE GALA

Blood:water co-founder Jena lee nardella with dr. DEBORAH BIRX AT BLOOD:WATER’S RED TIE GALA

She has also been a part of the President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR) since 2003 as Ambassador-at-large, Global AIDS Coordinator, and US Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy under 3 presidencies. Its efforts were the largest in history by any country to stop a single disease, and according to the state department, more than 17 million lives have been saved through it. For her contributions to the field of HIV/AIDS research, Blood:Water awarded her the William H. Frist Award at our Red Tie Gala in 2015,  and honored her in our office, and we are proud to have a connection to such an influential figure in the field of global health. 

Now, as reported by an article in the Guardian, she is tackling COVID-19 here in the United States. She has been placed as one of three people in the White House COVID-19 task force leading the U.S. coronavirus response. With her comprehensive background in widespread disease and response, she is sure to make a big difference as we look towards containing and treating this new pandemic. 

At a White House briefing on March 16th 2020, she said, “We had another silent epidemic: HIV. I just want to recognize, the HIV epidemic was solved by the community, the HIV advocates and activists who stood up when no one was listening and got everyone’s attention. We’re asking that same sense of community to come together and stand up against this virus.”

We pray for your health and safety as well as that of our partners working to equip and empower communities in need in the midst of our current global pandemic. To read more about our partners and their vital health initiatives during this critical time, click here.


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