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The Fight for Water



Meet Nguni Manunga.

Nguni lives in Zambia, in the town of Kaloko.

He was the first chairman of the school in Kaloko and works to teach people how to read.

In his town of 15,000 people, there are two wells. However, the wells are regulated by the government, so water only comes twice a week. Can you imagine only having two opportunities each week to get water? And then, can you imagine only being able to get that water by sharing two faucets with 15,000 other people? The people of Kaloki often have to fight to get a share.

The alternative is walking to the nearest farmland and carrying water back. The problem with that water is that it’s contaminated. The pathogens in the water make Kaloko residents ill, which also creates greater challenges in Nguni’s quest to educate fellow residents of Kaloko.

For all of these reasons and more, we’re working to bring Nguni and his neighbors Biosand filters and new wells.

Access to safe, clean water shouldn’t be a rare occasion. And it certainly shouldn’t be a fight.

Nguni is one of The Next Million.

Help us bring clean water to The Next Million. Donate here.

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