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The Difference You’ve Made for Dominah




It’s hard to imagine life without water. It’s intertwined with our existence every single day. Dominah and her children’s lives were changed forever when they received access to clean water for the first time, but no one deserves the long wait and endless worry she and so many others experienced before having access.

After her husband passed away 8 years ago, Dominah worked tirelessly to provide for and take care of her children. But the nearest access to water was down a steep hillside in the lush Rwandan terrain. So, every day, Dominah’s children would make the difficult and time-consuming walk to collect the water after school and bring it home for the family.

After collecting the water, the children would often be thirsty and need to drink some on the way back. But the water was contaminated and made them sick, so they would typically end up in the hospital multiple times a month.


Now, because of our generous donors, our incredible local partner, and the hard work of the community members, Dominah, her children, and 900 of her neighbors don’t have to make that walk. They now have access to safe, clean water in their community!


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