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So you want to help Blood:Water, but you’re not sure how? Our interns put together quiz to spark your next fundraising campaign!

There are so many moving parts that make up the overall operation of carrying out Blood:Water’s mission. These parts, coming in all different shapes and sizes, are only at their best when they are working together simultaneously.

Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of people who have chosen to go the extra mile (sometimes literally) in hopes of raising awareness for the crises in Africa so others can hear and join the cause as well.

There are people who have raised money by running marathons (even ultramarathons), or have appeared on radio talk shows telling our story. We are so grateful for those of you who have taken matters into your own hands and decided to be a voice that ends the HIV/AIDS and water crises.

Not an ultramarathoner? That’s okay. Neither are we.

But trust us—there are still plenty of ways to help!

Let’s take a few seconds and take a little quiz to help figure out the best way for you to get involved in ending the HIV/AIDS and water crises.

Don’t worry, it’s not graded, and it’s only three questions long. You’ll do great!

1.What do you love to do?

a. Run b. Bike c. Pole vault d. Drink coffee e. Drink soda f. Drink Red Bull g. Bake h. Make crafts i. Watch football j. Watch hockey k. Watch ice skating l. Play soccer m. Rock climb n. Play board games

2.How can you use what you love to raise awareness and funds for the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa?

a. Organize an event (big game party, Settlers of Catan night, etc.) and ask for donations to participate b. Ask for sponsorship for an upcoming athletic event (5k, pole vault competition, soccer game, etc.) c. Give up something you love and donate the saved money to the cause d. Sell something you’re good at making and donate the profits

3. How can you start making a difference today?

a.Create a Be The Movement page b. Donate to Blood:Water online c. Tell your friends about Blood:Water and join forces to fundraise

Okay, we confess. All of the above were trick questions—there are no wrong answers.

The truth is, the best way to make a difference is by doing what you do best. There is no amount too little or any idea too big. You could even win a trip to Africa just through participating!

Just get out there and make your move for Africa today!

Dustin Conway - Marketing Intern

Dustin Conway – Marketing Intern

Heather Warfield - Marketing Intern

Heather Warfield – Marketing Intern

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