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What’s the Cost to Build a Well in Africa?

The work we do is not easy, it is not always straightforward or simple. But because we know that we can play a part in ensuring that kids finish school, women and girls can spend more time providing for their families than collecting water, and that vulnerable children will not succumb to preventable disease, we will continue to fight.

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Clean Water Matters for Kids in Africa

  It’s hard to imagine a child playing a critical role in providing for their family. However, in Africa, this is often the case. Children, especially young girls, will walk miles to collect dirty water for their families to drink and use in household tasks.       Because survival is the number one priority, walking…

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MOUCECORE: Mobilizing Communities for Holistic Transformation

  Blood:Water has partnered with MOUCECORE in its mission to bring about transformation at the community level in Rwanda since 2009. Working through solidarity transformation groups that grow out of the local church, MOUCECORE mobilizes communities to bring about holistic development. Through our partnership, important lessons have been learned about how to effectively and sustainably…

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The Difference You’ve Made for Dominah

It’s hard to imagine life without water. It’s intertwined with our existence every single day. Dominah and her children’s lives were changed forever when they received access to clean water for the first time, but no one deserves the long wait and endless worry she and so many others experienced before having access. After her…

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Blood:Water Book Club is Back!

It’s back! Blood:Water Book Club has returned from its brief hiatus, and we can’t wait to read this month’s book selection with you! For each book club selection, we choose a book that has somehow shaped what we know as an organization, relates to our work, or provides inspiration. As we read through the book,…

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