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Clean Water Matters for Kids in Africa



It’s hard to imagine a child playing a critical role in providing for their family. However, in Africa, this is often the case. Children, especially young girls, will walk miles to collect dirty water for their families to drink and use in household tasks.


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Because survival is the number one priority, walking for water takes kids out of school and puts their future at risk. And it’s not easy… the jerry cans they fill with unclean water weigh up to 40 pounds!


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Children in Africa have dreams for their future. By providing clean water for a child in Africa, you are also investing in their education and dreams becoming a reality. Learn more from Alfred, who used to walk for water in Rwanda.



Alfred now has access to clean water because of our generous donors, and he focuses his time on attending school to fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher! This summer, kids across the U.S. are hosting Lemon:Aid stands to help kids in Africa, just like Alfred, have clean water. 




By giving today, you are joining their stand for clean water and are investing in ending the water crisis and the future of children in Africa!


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