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Let’s All Raise A Glass


Thank you to everyone who participated in Save a Drink, Save a Life! For the last 40 days leading up Easter, you gave up your favorite drink and donated what you saved. You spread the word to get your friends and families to support you. Your church communities, school organizations, and small groups came together.

As a result, more 1,230 people joined us in coming alongside three villages in southern Rwanda!

You raised nearly $70,000 to help shorten the walk for mom, dads, and children living in the villages of Ngiryi, Gitantu, and Gitwa-Nyamifumba.

All those saved drinks and caffeine headaches were not for nothing.

Kids like Aline, Chantel, and Emmanuel will get to cut a long walk out of their day to spend more time being kids:

Moms like Uwimana won’t make all those trips to fetch water, allowing them to spend more time being moms:

Their smiles won’t change. But their days will look a lot different. I think we can all (not) drink to that!

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