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Meet the Wagners

What happens when one family decides to make stand for clean water? Kent Wagner and his family of six decided to find out. Through a lemonade stand and the use of an online fundraising page, the Wagner family raised more than $1,500 for clean water in just one weekend. Kent first heard about Lemon:Aid through…

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Need a Summer Fundraising Idea?

Summer break is here, and that means you’re looking for ways to keep your kids busy and boredom free! Our summer intern Megan has a few tips on how to help. Here are a few ideas that are sure to be fun while teaching your kids about helping others! It’s fun with a purpose. As…

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Lemon:Aid Rockstar

When $1 equals a year of clean water for an Africa, it means that we all have the ability to bring change to Africa. I always love to see when kids grab hold to this message at an early age. Even this week we had Lilly Katherine bring in her money to the office for…

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It’s hard to believe summer is almost here. The days are longer. Rush hour traffic is a little easier. And you may soon have some kiddos saying, “I’m bored.” It’s funny how fast it can occur. If you have been following Blood:Water for very long, you’ve probably heard of Lemon:Aid. Over the years, hundreds of…

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