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Meet Our New (Veteran) Intern, Morgan!

We are immensely grateful for all of our interns and were so glad that Raegan was able to stay on through spring 2023! Plus we brought on a new intern for Fall 2022-Spring 2023, Morgan Chupp! While she is a new intern to us, she is not new to Blood:Water. In 2019, she and her…

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Unexpected Blessings: An Intern Reflection

  “The place where God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger coincide.” — Frederick Buechner    A few summers ago I had the opportunity to intern for an organization in Nairobi, Kenya. After spending several months there, I thought I knew what to expect working within…

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Lasting Change: An Intern Reflection

  When my internship began last August, several members of the Blood:Water team were preparing for a trip to Africa for the Partner Summit in September. They returned weeks later with renewed passion for this organization’s mission, increased respect for our partners and their work, and beautiful photos and stories of our friends in Africa.…

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Intern with Blood:Water!

  If you’re looking for an internship, but you’re not interested in making coffee and errand runs, we have the perfect opportunity for you!       Blood:Water has developed an internship program alongside Vision and Call to mentor and equip young leaders in their vocation. Our organization would not exist without compassionate students and young…

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Be the Light

     Beginning with the end, this past weekend at the Murdock Vision and Call Retreat concluded with a session centered on the musical Hamilton, where we listened to songs and discussed the lyrics, unpacking phrases such as: Will they know what you overcame? Will they know you rewrote the game? The world will never…

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