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Still Need a Christmas Gift? We’ve Got You Covered.


Still need a Christmas gift? Give the gift of water this year on behalf of someone you know, and they’ll get something in return!

How many people do you have on your list this year? Have any of those already-have-everything-impossible-to-buy-for people? Or how about someone who would love nothing more than a gift that does good for someone else?

We’ve got the perfect solution for all those people on your list.

When you donate $20 to bring clean water access to one of The Next Million, you receive an African-made leather bracelet that says Milioni Ijayo, which means The Next Million in Swahili.


When you make a donation, you can choose to send it as a gift and make the donation on behalf of someone you love. Just follow the directions in this link.

Afraid you’ll forget how to speak Swahili? We’ve got you covered. We’ll include a card that explains everything: what Milioni Ijayo means, how the bracelet brings clean water access to one person in Africa, and, basically, that this is the coolest gift they’ll get this year.

The gift of life for our friends in Africa is the best gift you can give anyone on your list this year. Trust us; they’ll love it.

Heather Warfield - Marketing Intern

Heather Warfield – Marketing Intern

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