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Soccer is a Way of Life



The U.S. is experiencing World Cup fever, and our interns half a world away, are experiencing the same. Check out their viewing party for the U.S. vs. Germany match.

In Kitgum, to call football (soccer) a passion is an understatement. The anticipation of each match rivals that of March Madness, the Super Bowl, and even the Olympics! It is palpable and infectious and we have gladly been swept up in the all of the excitement.

It seemed fitting for the US vs. Germany match that we host a viewing party for the staff of New Life Medical Center. We wanted to serve a mix of American party favorites and traditional Ugandan foods, so we had some lessons in making chapatis.

After a little skepticism, the bean dip and guacamole were a hit!

Soccer is a way of life in Kitgum and it was a blast joining in the insanity!

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