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She’s Our Bachelor Bracket Master and Resident River Rat. Meet Lindsey.



As you know after meeting Aaron, Jake, Barak, Nadia, Katy, Erin, Kristin, Blake, and Audrey, all of our employees are unique, and Lindsey May, our accountant, is no exception. In fact, Lindsey can even make people see double–but more on that later.

Lindsey grew up in Huntsville, Ala., and it is still the home of her heart. Though she is now stationed in Nashville, her favorite thing to do is to go home to Alabama to spend time on the river with her family and friends.

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She went to the University of North Alabama, where she earned her accounting degree, an MBA, and an MRS. She met her husband, Jason at the university, and they were married in 2008. Five years later, little Rowan was born. Rowan is now three years old.

But what do you do when you plan to have small kids but love big dogs? You get a mini-Australian Shepherd. At least that’s what Lindsey and Jason did. Theirs is named Koda, which is a Native American name for “friend.”

2016.07.15 Lindsey-03

Besides being a river girl, Lindsey is a die-hard Bachelor Nation fan and loves to relax at the end of the day, whether alone or with her Blood:Water friends, to watch the drama unfold. While she has a taste for reality TV (especially programs on Bravo!), she hates movies, claiming her attention span is too short.

This may be true with cinema, but it doesn’t deter her from enjoying full-length concerts on occasion, especially if that concert features NEEDTOBREATHE! Lindsey has seen the band perform 17 times and has plans to see them two more times this year, for a grand total of (crunching the numbers…) 19 NEEDTOBREATHE concerts! Which means, of course, that all of the type-A employees in the office are praying she’ll make it an even 20.

Lindsey is sweet, introverted, and down to earth, but she has a secret side to her. Remember I said she makes people see double? Jake, our director of engagement, was the first to be fooled by Lindsey’s prankster side when she showed up to work one day and was…not exactly herself. Something was off, but he wasn’t sure what. It took Jake a while to realize that the girl he was talking to was not Lindsey at all! It was Lauren, Lindsey’s identical twin sister!

So while she may make you see double, Lindsey helps us make sure that never happens on the books… QuickBooks, that is.

Emily Diehl - Marketing Intern
Emily Diehl – Marketing Intern

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