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She has a Texas-size love of dogs and she’s ALWAYS ready for sports! Meet Audrey.


We’ve introduced you to Aaron, Jake, Barak, Nadia, Katy, Erin, Kristin, and Blake. And now we want you to meet Audrey Milicevic, our relationship specialist!


Audrey is a Texas native and a HUGE soccer lover. She started playing when she was just 5 years old and always dreamed of playing in college. She made that dream a reality when she was recruited to play for the Murray State Racers. They won not one, but TWO conference championships!

Her time as a Racer is very near and dear to her heart. So although she loves all dogs, it should come as no surprise that she now owns two greyhounds. Cocoa and Wish are both retired racers.


Audrey adopted Cocoa and Wish with her husband, Luka. While they met at Murray State University, Luka actually hails from South Africa! They traveled to visit his family last December. It was Audrey’s first time to Africa and she quickly fell in love with Kruger National Park.


Maybe the exotic setting reminded her of “Lord of the Rings”? She not only read all of the books and went to an all-day showing of the movies when the third one was released, but she even wore the “one true ring” around her neck in high school.

Despite the obsession…er, love for “Lord of the Rings,” don’t expect her to write a song about it. At least not one you’ll hear any time soon. She comes from a musical family, plays the guitar, and sings, but she refuses to perform. So for now, if you’d like to hear from her, you’ll just have to start an online fundraising page and give her a call. She’ll get you all set up!

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