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Save a Drink, Save a Life


I’ve never been to Zambia, and maybe that’s why it’s easy for me to live in my own bubble, with my own problems and pretend my world is the only one that exists. But I am moved by the stories I have heard about the water crisis there. Just reading the numbers of the need in Africa can, at times, inspire me to action.
Check out the graphic below to see those numbers.


I hope the numbers move you, too. The good news is you don’t have to have been to Africa to make a difference. We have a plan to help 1,000 of our friends in Zambia, but we need you.

From March 5 – April 19 we are asking you to join us as we each save the cost of a daily drink to collectively fund clean water projects.

Today we are launching Save a Drink, Save a Life.

Are you ready to join us? It’s simple to get started:

1. Pick a drink to give up (or match the cost of a drink) for 40 days.
2. Set a goal. See how Blood:Water’s lead creative, Victor, did it.
3. Sign up at here.
4. Donate your weekly total for clean water.

What do you plan on giving up or matching?
I’m so excited to see what we can do together!

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