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Red and Pink Aisles



It’s blows me away that the season of Lent is just around the corner. The older I get, the faster time flies. Mom warned me of this.

To give a little perspective on how close Lent is picture what your local pharmacy and grocery store look like right now. Stocked full of pink and red accessories, right? They were ready for Valentine’s Day literally the day after Christmas. Well, Lent starts four days after Valentine’s Day.


The older I get, the less I care about Valentine’s Day. Mom warned me of this, too. Ah, thank the Lord those teen years are far behind me. So, as I peruse the pink and red aisles of Walgreens this year, my mind is far from chocolates and roses; it’s deep in the desert of Africa.

I’ve worked with Blood:Water for a little over a year now. Many of the stories of The Next Million I have helped tell. Their stories are forever engraved on my heart. I can’t help but picture little Wario carrying a jug of water to preschool because his school doesn’t have any water. I picture John who sleeps on his high school floor rather than walking home because that’s where his thirst is quenched. I picture Gertrude who walks 45 minutes to reach water that isn’t even clean. I picture Fathe who puts herself in danger daily to provide water for her family.

We’re about to launch our Lent campaign Save a Drink, Save a Life where participants give up their favorite drink for 40 days and donate what they save by not buying said drink to help bring clean water to people in Africa. Just $20 can bring people like Wario, John, Gertrude, and Fathe access to clean water. Water gives/preserves physical life, right? So, Save a Drink, Save a Life is quite literal.

So, as you walk down the rose colored aisles this winter, picture instead clean water for Africa.

Save a Drink, Save a Life.

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