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#PhotoFriday from Mozambique



This is a photo of the only reliable source of water for 900 families living deep in the interior of Mozambique. In the last two months, nine people have died from water-related diseases. We are so thankful that with the help of the Colorado Mozambique Team, we are able to start working with FH-Mozambique this year to begin rewriting this story.

A group of donors has joined together to engage their circles of influence to raise funds for this work. In November, the team hosted a house concertto kick things off, and this week, along with some of our Blood:Water staff, they traveled to Mozambique to learn more about the work firsthand.

They’ve spent time in communities, joined community members on a water walk, and met a water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) committee. One of the days was spent in community meetings in Balama, where less than 30 percent of the 4,680 residents have access to safe water.


The work this team is doing to come alongside these communities will help change that.

We can’t wait to hear more about their time when they return! But even more than that, we look forward to seeing the impact of a community in Colorado making the choice to step into partnership with communities in Mozambique.

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