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Photo Friday: What’s In a Name?



From left to right meet Tallaso, Aube, Kame, and Gumato. What’s in a name? Names create identity. They separate individuals from the collective. They endow personhood. Names embody qualities and aspirations. For many, the selection of a name is a sacred act.

But perhaps more simply, a name connects us; it is what separates strangers from friends, and exchanging names is an act of hope in a relationship that is yet to be. When I return home and show my kids photos of Africa, the first question they ask is, “What are their names?” Without realizing it, they understand what is important — that these are people, and the first step in knowing them is to know their names

I wish I had the ability to remember everyone I meet and impact their lives beyond the fleeting moments I have with them. But long after I’ve forgotten, God will still remember their names, and that is the greatest hope of all.

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