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88% Are Without Clean Water



88% of the population in Mityana, Uganda are without clean water, and they’re paying the price.

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Six out of ten people living in the Mityana and Mubende districts of Uganda are plagued by diseases like malaria, typhoid, and cholera. All of these illnesses can be directly attributed to a lack of access to safe, clean water and sanitation facilities.

It’s a heartbreaking situation … but thanks to our relationship with Partners for Community Transformation (PaCT), you and Blood:Water are turning tragedy into triumph!

Together, we are:

●      Replacing unprotected wells with new, safe sources of water

●      Constructing handwashing facilities in schools, and teaching students to use them regularly

●      Providing sanitation facilities in areas where they’ve never existed before

●      Organizing WASH training so local leaders can encourage hygiene practices across their communities 

Your vital support helps provide all of these critical resources and services.

So on behalf of PaCT, Blood:Water, and the people of Uganda, thank you for making an impact where it really matters. Click here to support PaCT’s amazing work.


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