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New Faces Around the Office


Blood:Water has a few new faces around the office!
Audrey, Kristin, and Blake have all recently joined us, and we’re thrilled to have them on the team! To help you get to know them a little better, we asked each of them why they wanted to work for Blood:Water.


Audrey Milicevic is our new relationships specialist! If you’d like to get involved with Blood:Water, need help with your fundraising page, or just love to see a friendly face, Audrey’s your girl! You can get in touch with her at or 615.823.1661.

Although working for Blood:Water was never part of Audrey’s plan, she has always had a heart for service. After meeting her husband, who is from Africa, a passion for cultivating change there began to grow. She says, “that’s the cool thing about God—He intricately weaves and designs our lives so it only makes sense when it all falls into place. I feel blessed to work for Blood:Water because I know that by working alongside our partners in Africa to end the HIV/AIDS and water crises we are saving lives and creating lasting change.”



We welcome Kristin Flow as our engagement coordinator! In this role, Kristin facilitates tracking and reporting of engagement activities, focusing on cultivating and stewarding relationships with our amazing donors! If you want to contact Kristin, you can email her at or call 615.550.4296.

Kristin joined the team because she cares deeply about “the lives of people I don’t know and may never meet.” She believes “Blood:Water has the ability to empower others in their personal fight against the HIV/AIDS and water crises,” and loves being part of a “working community that is for one another, with a focus on collaboration and humility.” Kristin says, “it is a gift to work for an organization like Blood:Water and I am excited to be here!”



Last but not least is Blake Stockard, our new systems coordinator. If you need to make updates to your account or have questions about your giving history, Blake will have the answer! You can reach Blake at or 615.823.7612.

Blake joins us with a “passion for development.” Having spent some time in Rwanda for his honeymoon and even getting to know some of our friends at MOUCECORE, he felt a connection to the specific areas where we are partnering. Blake says he “loves the sustainable work Blood:Water does to create lasting change in Africa.”

Join us in welcoming Audrey, Kristin, and Blake to the team!

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