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My Mother’s Green Love


We hope you are continuing to follow along with us as we wait for the one who is coming.
On this fourth and final Sunday of Advent, as you continue to ponder and wait, read this original poem by Kathleen Norris.

green love-01

Sent in mid-winter,
a coat filled with down,
to a land
of harsh winds
and bare branches,
frozen waters under whorls of snow.

Unsold for too long,
in a green no one wanted,
the dank, dark green
of snow-sodden grass,

it came like the love
that bears us to this world
to shield us from storms,
bitter cold,
and falls on ice.
A coat,
stuffed with down,
in clearance-sale green.

“I’m not afraid,” she said,
only days
before she died,
“But I know that
it is imminent.”
She said it
with a vibrant smile,
although by then she struggled
even to open her eyes,
her hand cool
in mine, yet
warm enough
against the coming chill.

–Kathleen Norris

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