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Music Monday: Sugar + The Hi-Lows



Get to know Sugar + The Hi-Lows, and find out where you can download their new single!

high rollers 550

  1. What is one of the greatest songs ever written? Why?
    Big question! Tom Waits, “Take It With Me.” I love songs that make me cry. Listen and see if you don’t feel every emotion.
  2. What do you see in the world that makes you hopeful?
  3. Why does Blood:Water matter?
    It’s great to see Blood:Water still working for good for over a decade. It’s rare that a project would have such sustainability; they must be doing something right. I think that we can’t have enough organizations fighting against HIV and water issues in Africa. It’s a needed and important work, especially with people with much experience with the issues.
  4. What’s happening musically speaking? New project? How/where can we get it?
    We just released our newest single, “High Roller.” It’s available digitally pretty much everywhere including iTunes and Amazon. We can’t wait to release our full-length record June 23!

Download “High Rollers” here.

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